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May 2015

Bing mobile update

Bing To Rank Mobile Friendly Web Pages Better

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Bing announced they will be launching their own version of a mobile friendly algorithm in the upcoming months for the Bing mobile search results. This is similar to Google’s mobile friendly algorithm in so many ways but in Bing’s case, they won’t be giving a date with this announcement and they are saying relevancy, no matter what, will always be more important than if a site renders nicely on mobile devices. (1) The Bing mobile friendly algorithm will launch in the upcoming months, we don’t know when, but they promised to give us a date prior to launching it. (2) It looks at UX (user experience) on mobile devices like Google’s algorithm does, so make sure your site works well on mobile. (3) If you have the mobile friendly label on Bing mobile, you are set: (4) A new tool will be coming out from Bing also to tell you if you are mobile friendly or not, and if not, how to get mobile friendly. (5) It seems Bing and Google care about the same UX aspects when it comes to mobile friendly. (6) Sites that do not render on mobile devices will suffer (i.e. fully Flash sites). (7) It is on/off, you are either mobile friendly or not. (8) It is real time, so as soon as BingBot crawls the page, it will be picked up. (9) Bing wants to communicate that this will NOT be a geddon, it will be rolled out with a lot of communication and…

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More than 2 million people still pay for AOL dial-up

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I don’t know anyone who does it, but perhaps you do. I have a distant memory of disks arriving in my mailbox for free, a whiny noise that sounded like it was coming from an alien drone and thinking: “Why do people do this?” But perhaps you’re one of the 2.1 million people who still have AOL dial-up service and actually pay for it. AOL’s quarterly earnings report, published Friday, revealed discreetly that 2.1 million people are still dialing up and paying AOL around $20 a month for the privilege of accessing the Internet. Dial-up is infernally slow. It’s about as narrowband as a contemporary connected mortal could imagine and far beyond anything they could tolerate. Just to compare, in January the FCC redefined broadband as 25 megabits per second, though the average speed in the US is 10 Mbps. Dial-up is 56 kilobits per second. (As a quick refresher: kilo- anything is much smaller, or in this case slower, than mega- anything.) About 70 percent of Americans have broadband at home, as of a September 2013 survey, the latest figures from the Pew Internet Research project. So who might these people be? I have contacted AOL to ask whether it could offer a breakdown and will update, should I hear. One is left, therefore, to speculate. An obvious view would be that many of these people are senior citizens. For them, perhaps, the price is comfortable. Even more comfortable is the security of knowing how something works because they’ve…

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Top New Jersey Contractor launches a Mobile Friendly website

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Top New Jersey Contractors chose Blue Fusion Solutions to build a new website with a WordPress back-end and a trending new one-page theme, fully optimized for Organic SEO and totally Mobile Fiendly. Specializing in Roofing Replacement, Leaks & Repairs. Also Gutters, Siding, Chimneys, Windows & Doors They offer FREE estimates using their online booking form or by calling 1-855-929-7663

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